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 SI Interview of Ray Comfort by Ray Comfort

Topic: Interview
Description: It was a privildge to be able to meet with Ray Comfort and Interview him for SermonIndex. I (Greg Gordon) was present and another brother (Josh Olsen) conducted the interview questions. We literally just went over to a couch (the comfort couch) and had an informal discussion. Ray's life matches his ministry and it was a joy to hear him talk about revival, evangelism and chrisitan life.
Sermon Comments (3)

 SI Interview of Ray Comfort 
Ray speaks on similar topics that he discuss in “Hell’s Best Kept Secret,” specifically the need for the law to truly lead someone to a sound conversion. He describes his ministry experience and how his partnership with Kirk Cameron allowed him to get his message across to many more people and ministries. He also discusses the need for revival and the fact that less than 2% of Christians are actively sharing their faith. He suggests that huge evangelism events should focus more on waking up Christians to examine themselves and become active witnesses rather than the trying to save the few unbelievers who are there. Ray goes on to explain the sad truth that few professing Christians are probably even saved.

 Ray is often excellent, but skip this one 
I listened to this interview because it was short, and although it was interesting (it's major benefit) it has two drawbacks. The major drawback is the clicks and bangs, which ranged from annoying to downright abusive to the hearing and definitely interfered with some of the interview (for the listener). Maybe someone could edit these out. The second observation is that you can get nearly all the essence of this interview in a better form by listening to "Hell's Best Kept Secret" and "True and False Conversion" both by Ray.

 I am not sure 
I listen to this interview yesterday at work. The audio had lots of clicks and bangs which were hard on the ears with earplugs. I have a lot of time for Ray. I was a bit surprised at the response of what or when he percieves of the next revival.

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