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Audio Sermons : A.W. Tozer :  Kingdom of God is Not in Words

 Kingdom of God is Not in Words by A.W. Tozer

Topic: Kingdom Of God
Scripture(s): 1 Corinthians 4:1-21  
Description: The June 16, 1957 message entitled, “The Kingdom of God Is Not In Words,” is 30 minutes in length, and was preached at Southside Alliance Church, in Chicago, Illinois. From chapter four of First Corinthians, verses one through five and fifteen through twenty-one, Dr. A. W. Tozer stresses the absolutely indispensable role that the Holy Spirit plays in convicting men of sin, in the teaching of the Gospel, and in the preaching of the Word. The pastor aptly declares, “You can’t have power without the words, but you can have words without the power, and a lot of people do.”
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 A Cleaner Recording of a Great Sermon 
This sermon, entitled here as "Kingdom of God is Not in Words," is in fact the same sermon that is Part 5 of Dr. Tozer's "Awake!" series, but, strangely enough, this particular recording is more complete and has a much crisper sound than the one in the "Awake!" series (which is entitled, "(Awake! Series): The Kingdom of God Lies not in Words, But in Power" on a different page of this web site.)

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