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Audio Sermons : J. Glyn Owen :  (1 John #17) New Birth: New Behaviour

 (1 John #17) New Birth: New Behaviour by J. Glyn Owen

Topic: New Birth
Scripture(s): 1 John 1:3-6  
Description: Glyn Owen shares on 3 points in this message, 1. Christ shall appear. 2. We shall see him as He is. 3. We shall be like Him. If we are partakers of the divine nature and of the new birth we will be like Him on this earth and when we come to glory in heaven. There is need to see new behavior for those who have experienced the new birth.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Can God not keep us from falling 
Why is it that every where we turn except the scriptures, people tell us that we will fall from time to time. 2 Peter 1:10, the reason people fall so much from time to time is because we teach them they can instead of the Bible. I believe the promises of God, because they are all yes and amen in Christ Jesus. Let God be true and every man a liar. May the Lord Bless you All. Jude 1:24

 Straight forward 
A good, simple, and straight forward teaching on 1 John 1:3-6.

 Powerful Truths 
What glorious truths shared from a heart that burns after them. "The Only people that don't get excited about the love of God are those that don't live in it." -J. Glyn Owen

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