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Audio Sermons : Keith Daniel :  The Word of God

 The Word of God by Keith Daniel

Topic: Scriptures
Scripture(s): Psalm 1  
Description: How important is it to read the Word of God? How often should we read it? Should it have a priority in our lives? In this sermon, you will discover not only just how important it is to read God's Word, but that we should also be hungering and thirsting after our devotional, one-on-one time with the Lord. "Sin will keep me from the Bible, but the Bible will keep me from sin."
Sermon Comments (4)

 Life changing 
If only every christian could listen to this message! Daniels challenges the listener to not only read the bible more but hunger after it continully and take every available moment to read the word of God. You may think that you have heard messages like this before, but I seriously doubt it!

A powerful message that really convicted me and changed me. I recommend this to anyone who is serious about walking closely with God. Brings conviction on the lack of time we really put into studying/reading the Word of God.

this sermon.... it changed my whole life what way i look at gods word.... now i understand how important it is...i thought i did before...but i dident... if u dont read ur bible every day... if u dont have time for his word....thus sermon will make you take matter the cost...

 Live By Every Word of God 
This sermon deepened my understanding of the importance of God's Word in my life. I wish I had known this when I first got saved at age 12. The Bible would have kept me from sin; from eventually backsliding a year after making a decision for Christ. I think this sermon also raised the standard in my life for personal devotional time with the Lord, spending more time with Him than socializing, and even sacrificing fellowship with people when needed, to fellowship with God Himself. This sermon is a good test on the priority God really has in our lives.

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