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Audio Sermons : Bill McLeod :  Unbelief

 Unbelief by Bill McLeod

Topic: Unbelief
Scripture(s): Hebrews 2:12-13  
Description: Bill McLeod speaks frankly on the topic of unbelief and how it is the greatest problem in the Christian life and in Christian work. "It's frightening to think," he warns, "that we can tie God up by our wicked unbelief." McLeod not only points to the potential causes of unbelief but its cure as well, inspiring hope through real-life examples of dramatic turnarounds from unbelief to believing prayer.
Sermon Comments (2)

An excellent sermon, my husband & I repented before the Lord for our unbelief. Lord I want to believe You for everything. Unbelief is a great sin & stops God from working in so many ways.

 Great! This will encourage you to believe 
McLeod is a great teacher/preacher. His lesson is full of Scriptural references, quotations/citations of great Christians like Charles Spurgeon and George Muller, as well as personal examples. He shared a couple of really powerful testimonies of how God moved at their Christian camp, preserving at from a raging forest fire and also miraculously supplying their needs.

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