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Audio Sermons : Leonard Ravenhill :  Choosing Rather to Suffer

 Choosing Rather to Suffer by Leonard Ravenhill

Topic: Suffering
Scripture(s): Hebrews 11:23-26,Hebrews 11:37  
Description: This sermon preached by Ravenhill really gets to the root of alot of the causes of why we don't have genuine revival in North America. He takes the life of moses and shows how he choosed rather to suffer for the sake of Christ then enjoy the pleasures of sin for a short time. The same thing can be asked of the church today? There are many different tangents and convicting statements brought up as the spirit of God lead brother ravenhill to speak. This is a must listen.
Sermon Comments (5)

 Why No Revival? 
Leonard Ravenhill answers this question and more in this powerful sermon. He shares how we are not used to suffering or persecution and are not prepared for a true moving of God's Spirit. This is a must listen!

Leonard Ravenhill was a fireball until the end. This message has convicted and encouraged me to pray with perserverence and embrace the sufferings of a walk with God. May the Lord raise up many labors for the harvest through biblical messages like this one.

 Prayer and Suffering 
What strikes me about this sermon is not the sermon itself but the passion of Ravenhill's prayer before he begins. It is pure, passionate and honest. What a far cry from so many prayers today. The sermon itself cuts againt the grain of so many even today -- choosing to suffer is not a terrible popular concept -- "God bless me, don't call me to suffer for you!" is the prayer of many today, but Ravenhill brings us back to Biblical reality about suffering and following God and serving him. Though dead, he still speaks even to me and my own generation. My we truly repent and get back to the Bible on this issue as Ravenhill calls us to do. We must learn to choose to suffer for Christ and this sermon is a desperate cry to bring us back here -- may we all truly listen.

In this sermon brother Ravenhill expresses so deeply the need to be completely committed to pray and spend time with God. He looks into the life of Moses and how Moses was prepared to give up so much wealth and comfort so as to follow and obey God, yet Christians today struggle to sacrifice anything. This will really make you re-think how you manage your time and review how close to God we really are. A brilliant quote Ravenhill mentions in this sermon which has really stuck in my head: Sunday mornings show how popular church is... Sunday evenings show how popular the preacher is... Prayer meetings show how popular God is!

I had listened to this message preached by this most execellent brother Leonard Ravenhill last night with much interest, and I am very sad to say that it has been really a long time since I have heard any one proclaim the Good News of the kingdom in the power of the Holy Spirit as this most excellent brother had. I believe the Body of Christ today, has need of more Leonard Ravenhill's today. Most of what could be called giants in ministry have already finished there course here, and to have passed on to be with the Lord. And about that I would have to say, it's Heavens gain and our lost. It would seem that as for most preachers today, that when they do talk about the "Cross" [preach "Christ cruified"), they can't seem to talk more than 10 minutes about it. That is, when they do talk about it. But here is a man who talked for more than an hour about it. When it comes to unfolding the perfection of the work of the new covenant atonement (that is very different than th

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