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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  When The Enemy Comes In Like a Flood

 When The Enemy Comes In Like a Flood by Carter Conlon

Topic: Apostasy
Scripture(s): Isaiah 59:16-21,Isaiah 24:10-11,Malachi 3:13-18  
Description: This world is being flooded with sin and abomination by a devil intent on destroying and carrying away everyone he can, especially those who have a love for Jesus Christ in their heart and have his Spirit inside them. These are they who are crying out to God, who still hunger and thirst after righteousness, inspite of the apostasy in the mainstream church, and a sin-sick world, there are those who still hunger for God. This is a sobering message reflective of today's society, but ends in a joyous certainty of the victory and provision of our Lord for his people.
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