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 Church Triumphant by Richard Wurmbrand

Topic: Overcoming
Description: nil
Sermon Comments (1)

 Church Triumphant is a shining jewel of 2 sermons 
Like all of pastor Wurmbrand's sermons, this is another jewel. This contains two sermons, both are excellent. In the first sermon he preaches a multi-faceted message on 'we would see Jesus.' He urges the important need for the underground church and the American church to unite in prayer. He gives several testimonies of the lives of persecuted Christians and martyrs and how the persecuted Christians 'show Jesus' to their persecutors and torturers in loving them and forgiving them and praying for them. The second message discusses 'it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LORD.' He discusses that when you meet God you discover what a sinner you are, repenting from the sins, and accepting the Jesus' atoning death, forgiveness and mercy, and the burden of being a witness to bring other lost sinners to Christ. Sadly the 2nd sermon has been cut-off during the message.

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