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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  The Devil is After One Thing in Your Trial

 The Devil is After One Thing in Your Trial by Carter Conlon

Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Scripture(s): Hebrews 12,Matthew 27:39-49  
Description: Starting in Heb. 12, proceeding to Matt. 27:39-49 and a few other scriptures, the most intense spiritual attack ever made on any one was made on the Son of God. Pastor Conlon shows how we can learn from our Savior how the enemy attacks and what he wants most is to steal our confidence in the faithfulness of God's promises.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Encouragement for those in tribulation 
Your God has not forsaken you, no matter what the devil would have you believe. Pastor Conlon, by the power of the Holy Spirit explores the depths of how Satan spiritually assaulted the Son of God and reveals the strategy of the enemy is still the same against believers today. If you are in a trial, or time of testing, you must hear this message. The night before I listened to it, I was reading a lot of the same scriptures, especially Psalms 22. I felt unworthy to compare my suffering-which is mild-to that of the Son of God's, but those scriptures in Ps. 22 so closely described my own misery, in certain verses. And when I listened to this message and Pastor Conlon expounded on these verses, I was reduced to tears of amazement, relief, and worship for the Lord who loves me so much, despite my failure to handle a difficult situation as well as I should have. All I can say is thank you Lord, for your mercy and love are indescribable.

 Help for people in a Trial 
This one really helped me today, as I was in a trial. This Sermon helped me to see that God never leaves us nor forsakes us. It will also help you to grow in Christ.

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