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 Christ's Call Follow In My Footsteps by K.P. Yohannan

Topic: Self Denial
Description: K.P. Yohannan gives an passionate plea to a large americian church in arizona to pursue self-denial and embrace the cross of Christ fully. He speaks on the reality of a eternal hell that forever and ever people will be crying out for mercy, in light of this how we are living our Christian lifes must change into radical obedience and surrender to the cross life. Christ is waiting for us to follow in His footsteps, may the church be found living and walking in these awesome realities of the Christian life.
Sermon Comments (8)

 Break our hearts 
Just heard this message. Had been worrying today about personal issues, money, church concerns, when to eat lunch, my American Christian life. Jesus break my heart for the lost and the poor. I can't love anyone without Your help. Help me to love You with everything in me, to love my neighbor as myself, to preach the Gospel, to care for the orphans and widows in their distress. Here I am, send me.

 Please listen and DO 
This message will sear your heart please allow God to stamp eternity upon your heart. If you listen to this message he will begin to do just that. This word will convict and open your eyes as to what Jesus came to do and that was to deliver from sin and the wrath to come. This is Gospel

 Outstanding message! 
Very good message. Lots of life in the message as well as a good dose of reality. Exposes some of the areas in our life that are not surrendered. Well worth the listen.

I was basically silent for several hours after listening to this. A powerful message that bring to the forefront something we are failing to think about... reality.

 Incredibly Convicting 
This message will grab you and not let go. Preached by a man who has been beaten and stoned for Jesus in his native country of India. What he says will stir your soul. I have listened to this almost half a dozen times and burned copies for my friends and family. It's that important! If you listen to this you'll never be the same.

This struck a cord in my heart. A challenge to fast and pray for a week for the 10/40 window. KP is very passionate about calling people into His house, his passion is contageous. A MUST LISTEN.

 Hits Target 
I had never heard this man preach, but he preaches straight and true. Challenging, especially for those like me that many times find ourselves learning more about Jesus than taking time with Jesus. Guilty... Good message.

 Embrace the Cross.. 
This message really has taken me by surprise, I have heard brother KP preach before but really this message given at a large american church really hit me hard! Oh how I need to embrace self-denial and the cross life. Oh there is a eternal hell! God rouse us! wake us! shake us! what will it take?

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