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Audio Sermons : Leonard Ravenhill :  John Baptist , the fire of God - Part 1

 John Baptist , the fire of God - Part 1 by Leonard Ravenhill

Topic: John The Baptist
Description: This message was preached at an Anaheim Vineyard Holiness Conference in 1990.

Sermon Comments (3)

 Leonard Ravenhill a man of God who got it wrong this time,I am afraid 
Firstly,I want to say that I think Leonard Ravenhill was a man of god.It is my understanding that Leonard Ravenhill did not in the cold light of day endorse Toronto etc I think he got it wrong this time by associating with the vineyard. If you listen to this sermon carefully(sound is poor quality) you will hear screaming etc associated with toronto,vineyard etc it is not true repentance and Leonard seems confused about what is happening for a short period.He then wrongly takes direction from a Vineyard preacher and endorses this as true repentance in doing so endorsed the vineyard carry on.Their are many good Leonard Ravenhill sermons on this website and I suggest and encourage you listen to them. I realize that at first glance this comment may not appear positive or uplifting but it is edifying and encouraging.It is also fair I believe,Staff

This is a powerful, or should I say, power-FILLED sermon with some burning words from the blazing breath of the the Spirit of God. At times, the Spirit of God is unctionizing Mr. Ravenhill in a fearful and passionate empowerment to speak the heart of GOD. It seems that the Holy Spirit sweeps through the place about 60% of the way through it and conviction pricks everybody's hearts, leading people to repentance and to cry out to God under the burden. Awesome sermon, MUST-LISTEN!

This sermon is awesome. About 1/2 way through the 2nd part repentance breaks out while he is speaking. He was speaking and then not long after he said God was going to break down walls... walls were broken... you can hear crying and mourning while he is speaking.. very powerful...

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