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Audio Sermons : Zac Poonen :  The Danger Of Pharisaism

 The Danger Of Pharisaism by Zac Poonen

Topic: Pharisaism
Scripture(s): Acts 1:1, Matthew 23:3, Luke 12:45  
Description: Brother Zac looks at the very dangerous imbalance of holiness preaching taken to a extreme. This message serves as a gentle warning in love to many who have strong convictions that go past what God calls and leads. We need zealous strong individuals that display the compassion of God but a unyielding desire for truth. The true body of Christ should fulfill the same function as Jesus did while on earth--exposing unreality and religious hypocrisy. As Zac has studied many groups in Christendom that majored on holiness, all of their mistakes could be summed up in one thing: pharisaism. Many precious principles are put forth that we may ask the question: "Am I really presenting Christ correctly?"
Sermon Comments (3)

I can think of a lot of things in life you could do that would be far worse than having ears to hear what Brother Zac has said here.

 take heed 
Bro Zac Poonen shares a very important thing, and anyone who listens will be blessed, what spoke to me was how so many "denominations" or groups of believers "cut" off the finger. We need the balance of everything, so we dont fall into thease traps of over emphasize certain things or "doctrines" or whatever it may be, even good things such as holiness preaching or a holy living. But how easy this is to go astray wile pursuing good things. May we all look unto Jesus and the apostles for our examples. May we take heed we dont become religious pharisees thinking we are better then other. Let us always compare ourselves to our Lord and not to one another.

 Strong Warning! 
This message is a strong warning to those that are zealous to see reformation and revival. Oh may we walk according to God's heart and ways. We need radical discipleship again according to the spirit of Jesus.

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