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Audio Sermons : Zac Poonen :  Reality in the Christian Life

 Reality in the Christian Life by Zac Poonen

Topic: Hypocrisy
Scripture(s): 1 Timothy 6:11-12  
Description: Zac Poonen shares with the power of the Holy Spirit a message from the heart of God that will show you real Christianity. He speaks against the hyprocrisy that is so prevalent with so many Christians. God's grace leads to holiness and godliness, that is where the peace of God is. May we all be honest with full sincerity before God today no matter how long we have been in ministry.
Sermon Comments (13)

 This hits home! 
I listened to this sermon a few days ago and then again today. I most likely will come back to it again. I had never heard of Zac Poonen until I saw this sermon featured on SI. This man speaks very simply, honestly and clearly, not in a comdemning way, but with obvious love for Christ and the saints. This message both convicts and inspires me to examine myself and to seek to always be a real Christian, not an actor, not a hypocrite, but a true witness to and example of "The Reality of Christianity" "for the glory of God and the souls of men".

 Now is the time 
This is an awesome message so much needed in my life and in the entire body of Christ's life. We need to forsake all and follow Him. Thank you for sharing this message. I need to go and repent.

I don't believe that I could have stumbled across a more timely message than this one. For several years now my thoughts have been consumed by the subject of reality in the Christian life. Just today, my thoughts came back to this very subject when I recalled some recent disturbing news concering a minister that I have repected for years. (A pattern of sexual sins dating back for at least 30 years)This has disturbed me greatly because this man preached hard against sin and worldliness & is known for his conservative standards; yet, seemingly unable to conquer secret sin. What's ironic about it all is that he preached that God would save men from there sins. What he was preaching was not a reality in his own life. It has caused me to do some intense soul searching myself. I don't want to be an actor!

 Grant us 
May God grant us repentance...

 Poonens Messages 
Somebody asked where they can find Zac Poonens message. All his messages can be downloaded from for free.

 Good in spite of... 
In spite of a slight theological disagreement with brother Poonen regarding whether the OT saints had the indwelling of the Holy Spirit (which is the basis of the last half of his sermon), I still found the sermon extremely edifying. Indeed, the sins Jesus harped on individuals the most had to do with hypocricy and pride... not the "icky" sins of gross immorality. Poonen shows that the grace of God ought to make a difference in one's life, and not simply be a covering from sin or get out of hell free card. Rather, the grace of God teaches one to deny ungodliness and worldly lusts. The grace of God raises the moral standard, for grace empowers one to live as one should, whereas the law offered no such empowerment.

 Very Stirring! 
This sermon gets to the heart of the matter.It will strip you of everything that is not anchored down in Christ and is hidden in the robe of hypocrisy.

 crushed my heart 
my heart is crushed into pieces to those who don't know about Christ..worse, to those who don't even heard His name!!..following Christ is hard..but its all worth d effort..

 Sermon cuts off! 
This is a great message, but I'd like to hear all of it. I was just getting into it when it cut off. It only goes for 21:34 then cuts off. Where can I get the rest of it? Thanks. Paul Miller

 Getting to the Heart of the Matter 
This is such a central theme to all of Christianity - the ax meeting the root. This entire message is a strong, strong reminder of harboring an inner purity in our Christian walks. Poonen is painful to listen to, for this is an uncompromising message of personal holiness that reaches deep within and rivots. I don't know of anyone who can listen to this and not come away profoundly challenged and convicted. It is worthy to burn to CD.

 Great Revelation 
All christians should listen to this message because it is a revelation of the grace of God. We must understand that his grace is not a legal reason to sin but it is an anointing and ability given from the holy spirit to free us from sin. Zach Poonen will teach and exort you with this message and show you the true revelation of the grace of God. ENJOY !!!!!!

Poonen speaks through the overlay of double mindedness and false profession in many Christian lifes. This sermon will in love show you the true grace of God that leads to godliness.

 are you real? 
are you real? do you live in reality? this sermon makes me want to "press" in harder, this will convict you...make you strive more toward Jesus. this really exposes hipocracy...

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