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Audio Sermons : Leonard Ravenhill :  Anahiem Talk on Revival

 Anahiem Talk on Revival by Leonard Ravenhill

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Isaiah 6:1-9  
Description: Ravenhill is preaching and spending a few weeks with John Wimber in a special conference in Anaheim, USA. There is a special emphasis on prayer and revival for this conference and Ravenhill is 80 years old when he was there. David Ravenhill his son is also accompaining him.
Sermon Comments (3)

Oh, for this passion and purpose and absolute abandonment to the high calling of our holy God. A must hear for all revival hunters.

 I was there... 
He is speaking at Aniehiem Vinyard when it was by Dysnyland. This conference was called " Holiness to the Lord". John felt like the Lord had something to say at this leg of the Vineyards journey. I remeber it was a serious time for everyone. I remeber how the fear of the Lord came into the place. Many wept and drew close to the Lord openly. I rember when He ( Lenard) was preaching and made a real important point and raised his hand to make it, when the power in the whole building blew out. The whole place was dark with about 2,500 people inside. We were all a little shaken and so was Lenard. I never saw a man put his hand down so fast in my life. It was like God said " Listen up!" Some said the fisr department came cause there was a report of a fire. Im not sure about that part, but it was a impoertant message the Lord had for the movement. Its a good word all the time. He preached more than once at this confernece purhaps they could find the other sermons too. Maybe the one were t

Glory be to the Most high God that precious Holy Spirit led me to discover this website. My summary is that if the Lord has permitted the internet to live for this purpose is worth it. Never had I been so blessed with the depth of messages like these great ones and others. It's like God coming down to reign in the affairs of men. This is one of the greatest treasures on the internet. Oh that the Lord will bless the vessel God has used to bring this into and in the world to come. I pray that those who have ears to hear will discover this gold mine and come buy the truth 'and not sell it ' to mundane things of this world. May we all catch the fire and vision to recue our generation from filth and wretchedness.Amen

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