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Audio Sermons : Leonard Ravenhill :  The Price of Revival

 The Price of Revival by Leonard Ravenhill

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): James 5:17-18  
Description: Ravenhills timeless messages will always keep you on your feet no matter where you are spiritually. They never get old. In this message he speaks on Old Testament characters with an eye opening perspective. This word comes with the sharp, smashing, shattering, and sobering reality of the truth that will bring you to your knees if you let it.
Sermon Comments (6)

Mr Ravenhill moves me everytime I listen to his preaching. He really causes you to focus on Gods Heart which is Revival and Souls. We need more men Like Mr Ravenhill. He is like a blade in Gods hand that cuts against the grain of modern christianity. Please listen to this message it will 1. Destroy you 2. build you back up in the Image God intends for you to be which is found in Romans 8:29. Be blessed and I love you all.

 Oh Revival! 
We need to realize that with great things there is great responsibility. Everything in the carnal plane requires us to prepare and sacrifice why not in the spiritual? We need to cherish the anointing of God upon our lifes. Are we going to count the cost today?

 Do you seek Him, until He speaks? 
This reminds of me of a message that Ron Luce gave to the youth in my area in april of last year. Ron spoke about being a Christian is enlisting for an army not joining a club. And Ron spoke about how a solider would obey the command of the Commander, and WAIT until the next command is given. Leonard spoke about a man who waited an entire month for a message from God. And he spoke for about 10 mins and the entire congregation was turned upside down. Do you wait for Him, in your hidden place?

 Prayer is priceless,irreplaceable but possible. 
First time I hear this word from this brother and it does what is supposed to do ,drive you to your knees.LORD help us!!

 do you pray? 
Powerful word that calls us to get down on our faces and pray. conviction will seize you and encourage you to move passed simple daily prayer.

This one will bring you to your knees! Ravenhill speaks the uncompromising truth - it will challenge you and convict you.

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