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Audio Sermons : Vance Havner :  Holy Man of God

 Holy Man of God by Vance Havner

Topic: Men Of God
Scripture(s): Genesis 5:24  
Description: In this sermon Havner shows his hearts desire that when he walks by people who say: "a man of God passes by". Are we living in a way that we are reconized as a Holy man of God? He shows the balance of not being frozen or fryed but being alive in God living a holy life. There is always extremes but surely no matter what extremes are out there we need to seek God with all of our hearts.
Sermon Comments (4)

 5 Stars!!! 
This is a really good sermon!!! and the audio quality is quite good! I'm probably going to listen to this sermon a second time because I liked it so much. It provoked me to have a stronger desire to be a 'Holy man of God'.

 Hearts Desire 

 Challenging and Refreshing 
"Set apart". Isn't that a summation of the concept of holiness? How challenging and refreshing to be reminded that our personal holiness can be read by others. How many times my parents told me: "Don't forget! Your life may be the only Bible some people ever read!" Wow!

 A Sad Day. 
"We are living in a day were tradegy has become comedy in America. We are laughing at things which should make us cry. And the cause of Jesus Christ has been hurt more by unwise jokesters by than all the infidels. I marvel at the jesting and the flippant remarks that I hear sometimes during revival." This message really strikes hard at some evangelical trends and our need to get back to reality with God.

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