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Audio Sermons : Leonard Ravenhill :  A Burning Heart

 A Burning Heart by Leonard Ravenhill

Topic: Prophet
Scripture(s): Isaiah 64:1-2  
Description: Ravenhill speaks from a text in Isaiah and speaks much about the role of the prophet. But really this is just him sharing his heart for revival and on the lukewarm condition of the church. You can really sense his burden as he just shares as the Spirit leads. You will be convicted as you hear this message and brought to your knees to become an agent of change in the church.
Sermon Comments (13)

 A vision of depth... 
I have listened to this message over 4 times over several months and still am convicted by it. Although he is not technically perfect throughout, it is evident that the Spirit is speaking something so deep in the still quiet voice, that he must pause to listen. Would that more men of God would do likewise, rather than criticize. Would that more preachers pray with conviction and tears over their people!

 Excellent; deeply challenging message! 
Wow, this message is deeply challenging. Oh that we would seek God with a starving, hungry heart - Oh that HE would rend the heavens!

  a heart searching message 
this is one of his best sermons.i always learn from havenhill and wish he were alive today. may god bless and use his messages through out enternity

 "If you sit on the floor..." 
Leonard Ravenhill makes so many truth-filled statements in this message! I especially loved the point he made about humility..."If you sit on the floor you can't fall anywhere, can you?" So true! "Great peace have they which love thy law: and nothing shall offend them." (Psalm 119:165)

 Drove me to prayer 
I love this message! It drove me to prayer and worship. I loved the part about worship, and the parts about holiness. This is what we need to hear today!

You just don't hear many sermons these days showing us how Holy and Holy and Holy God is. There are two sides of the coin, there's the goodness of God and also the severity of God, i love his many points made. A lot of good to take from this sermon. God Bless

 not impressed 
Its a good sermon but he makes a lot of mistakes in his scriptures. He quotes Isaiah 4:12, 14 & 15 but there is no such chapter. Its good to be led by the holy spirit but at least let it direct you to the right passages.

Ravenhill is heavy duty. The burning heart is not for the faint, or weak of faith. It is not for those who want to be simply religious, but if you want to have a relationship with the Lord, then this sermon will inspire you to change, to grow and have a desire to know the heart of God. It will stir you, challenge you to repentance. We are so far from where God wants us! Be inspired, be encouraged, God is not finished with us yet! Praise the Lord!

 Not all biblical 
I thought Ravenhill came across as not liking people very much. At one point he said "Some people say 'God hates your sin but loves you, the sinner', but that's bunkum - God hates you for sinning". That is definitely unbiblical - e.g. "God demonstrated his love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us". In another part he launched a scathing personal attack on the physical appearance of the wife of a tele-preacher he disapproved of. I'm sure he had good reasons for not liking their ministry, but to mock a woman's make-up and hair with the vitriol that he used made him sound just spiteful. Jesus called the pharisees a "brood of vipers" on the basis of their behaviour, but I can't imagine him saying, "and you're also fat and ugly". He said lots of good stuff about holiness and revival, but love seemed to be left out.

 An Uncomfortable message 
Think your a Godly person?, think your doing alright in your faith? Well!! Listen to this! This message is amazing and will have you flat on your face in prayer before God. Praise God for men like this who will just preach the truth.

 a must for every pulpit 
A very stirring message every pastor should listen that could affect the entire congregation to bring the Presence in our services.God help us.

 What Have We Done? 
He sums up the sickness that pervades the church today. A divided heart. A slack devotion. A knowledge of God, but no real relationship with Him. I dare you to listen to this and not be affected.

 slain in the spirit 
whoa! all need to hear this message. it is for hungry seekers of God.

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