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Audio Sermons : Corrie Ten Boom :  Authority Over Demons

 Authority Over Demons by Corrie Ten Boom

Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Scripture(s): Ephesians 6:7-20  
Description: "We cannot do anything, without Jesus we can do nothing." The bible does not have any suggestions but commandments. Corrie Ten Boom shares on the subject of spiritual warfare through her experience and the scriptures. We must have Jesus as our foundation and only support we stand on as we contend and resist the demons and the evil one in this earth.
Sermon Comments (6)

 Authority in the name of Jesus 
Just speaking out loud the following word's of Corrie Ten Boom, who is actually quoting the Bible, banishes fear and builds faith! "We stand in the power of the blood of Jesus, by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Satan is a defeated enemy. It is necessary that we obey the word of God, and cast out demons in his name."

 A very wise woman 
Corrie Ten Boom has a vast amount of wisdom. With much wisdom there is much suffering. If you want to know a person with wisdom, look for the one who has suffered much and not lost their faith. They will have much to share.

 Simple Confidence 
What simple confidence comes with walking with God for 70+ years. Oh to trust Him more. Trust and Obey there is no other way.

 Our Lord is so great! 
It is a great encouragement and word that reminds us for whome we are working or shall be working. It is allso a sermon that has encouraged me and has reminded me, trought the testimony of the dear sister Corrie, that in what ever situation we are in, God will make us victorius trough the prayer and for the glory of Jesus. Let the Lord bild His tempel in you so that He can do miricles trough you.

This is a great help in be watchful in the word and how to pray for those that are bound... This is a powerful sermon tool for every believer that believes in the power of the blood.

 authority over demons by corrie ten boom 
Praise our Lord. these times of evil will come again and are ever present now. the wapons miss boom is revealing in this tape are vital and a must for every beliver. All Glory to our Lord the Christ. he has over come the enemy and they trimble. junah

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