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 Divisions In The Church by Gerhard Du Toit

Topic: Divisions
Scripture(s): Isaiah 40:31, John 20:21  
Description: nil
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 "An atmosphere of dissention destroys fellowships." 
Brother Gerhard speaks personally to a small church in Washington state. He gives examples and warnings, from his many fascinating experiences, about what ruins Christians and Christian fellowships. His heart is overflowing and he is audibly moved. He describes several meetings where God's presence filled the meetingplace and brought brokenness to entire congregations. This recording is rather poor quality. Brother Gerhard has a thick German accent and at times it is hard to make out his words. But his heart is unmistakeable. He is deeply burdened for all who hear him to come under conviction and 'melt down' in the presence of God. "I am afraid of only one thing --- an unbroken man."

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