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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  The right use of the Law

 The right use of the Law by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Law
Scripture(s): Romans 3:19-31  
Description: Starting in Romans 3:19-31, this sermon shows the purpose and necessity of the Law in producing genuine conversion. Although all can recall wrongdoing, the Law has been given to convict us of sin -- to show the enormity of our crime against a holy, just, and righteous God. Until we are convicted of our crime and cry out to be free, the Gospel of salvation holds no real meaning. Unfortunately, most preaching over the last 100 years has not started with the Law but has instead been offering a Gospel to people who are really unaware from what they must be saved. The Holy Spirit has thus been stripped of "the only tool He has ever used to prepare men for Grace." The Law was never intended for Salvation, but to reveal the character of both God and man and to point to man's need of Christ. A must-listen.
Sermon Comments (3)

 The Law is the plower that makes the Ground ready for the Seed of the Gospel. 
I am familiar with this topic, as when I go out an evangelize, I always use the law to magnify the righteousness, holiness, and justice of God; always preaching Law to the proud and Grace to the humble. Man always justifies himself at any cost, but if we are faithful we have to expound the moral perfection God demands through the Law, an as Paris said the conscience is a witness to the moral law written in their heart, either to excuse them or condemn them, hence the conscience is our ally when witnessing regardless if they believe or not, for it will testify against Sin, it is written by the finger of GOD in their conscience...To God be the glory for man like paris who have preach the Full counsel of God that is Law, Judgement, Hell, and The Gospel to the one's humble by the Law, "for God resist the proud and gives Grace to the humble" JMs.4:6

 Upholding Biblical Truth 
This is one of those messages that is hard for some to swallow for some reason. The one method God ordained for preparing men's hearts for grace is the law. So few preach it, yet, as Reidhead preaches, it is clearly God's idea. Excellent message.

Paris' words will certainly reveal to you the truth about conviction and repentance and the role of the Law in connection with these. This sermon knocked me off my rocker and it will to you as well, listen to it and be prepared for change.

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