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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  Continue In Sin

 Continue In Sin by David Wilkerson

Topic: Continuing In Sin
Scripture(s): Romans 6:1-2, Jeremiah 32:39-40, Psalms 89:28-34  
Description: Why do believers continue in sin? Year after year after year they continue in some sort of sin and they never come into the fullness of the Covenant blessing of God. Often times it may well just be one area that remains but nonetheless folks continue in that sin. Wilkerson preaches a very personal message here and he shares his heart and shows his own weakness as an example. The consequences for a Christian continuing in sin are sobering, but he gave us what we needed to overcome sin, if we want to. For those who are sick of their sin, and hate it, and cry out to God, there is wonderful news. He will empower you, and he wants to put his fear in your heart so you will not turn away from him, and then he can take you into the fullness of the new covenant. Powerful preaching, with a gentle compassion for those who are struggling.

Sermon Comments (2)

 Very Biblical 
I appreciated how well he shared what the scriptures said. It is very Biblical. His goal, it seemed to me, was to let people know how sin will destroy their lives and how we ought to be afraid of the consequences that the Lord will implement. He accomplished that. Thus, it lacked on what we are to do beyond that. He even mentioned in the beginning of the sermon that many have come and prayed and asked God to take this away before and they are still continuing to sin. Then he asks people to come and pray at the end of the sermon and prays that those that came receive the fear of God. It seems as though those who have gone to the altars before are doing so again. What has changed for them? What are they to do? Thus the 4 stars instead of 5. But, again, very Biblical and accurate.

 Growth in Christ 
This is a soul searching message about sin in a believers life. It will challenge you to search your heart.

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