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 Getting Back to Basics: Survival of the Revival by Robert Wurtz II

Description: What do we want to see in a revival in modern times? What are the excesses of revivals of past generations? What will it take to keep a revival fire sustained? In this section we will explore various areas that threaten a revival. We will discuss what the anointing of God is for. Does God anoint His people so they can "feel good" or other types of manifestations? What happens when a person refuses to take the revival fires out into the fields for work? What is the 'diet' of a revivalist? What is the lifestyle of a revivalist? These and other like issues are discussed in this message.
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 Getting Back to Basics: Survival of the Revival 
Brother Wurtz has a clean, clear and crisp speaking voice ... But what makes him most enjoyable to listen to is one can hear his voice his love and sincerity for Christ, and the flock ... A few points that stuck out for me in this sermon are ... #1 - "We can't even afford to take one day off from God" ... Which is a confirmation to my belief that in this day and time it's best to sleep in ones armor ... #2 - "Many misguided saints today are eating steak and potatoes sin and washing it down with the chocolate milk of the promises of God" ... #3 - Also a very interesting thought from Pastor Wurtz regarding todays overwhelming Christian prosperity, taken from Dave Wilkersons book "The Vision", as to why God may have allowed it" ... If i were to ever move to Pastor Wurtz neck of the woods i'd definitley visit his church to see if i could call it home ... God bless you brother Robert! Br. Rahman

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