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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  A Fire In My Bones

 A Fire In My Bones by David Wilkerson

Topic: Mantle Of God
Scripture(s): Jeremiah 20:1-3, Jeremiah 20:7-9  
Description: March 14, 2004 - What a wonderful thing when God touches a man a puts a call on our lives. When we walk in obedience all the demons of hell can’t stand against us. A fire will burn in us to walk out our calling. God allows twisted situations in our lives of being hurt and misunderstood and we must prevail against our enemies through the faithfulness of Jesus. God understands our pain and He will instill us a faith in that fire that can’t be shaken. Preaching from the book of Jeremiah, Wilkerson preaches on a popular passage of Scripture. Wilkerson puts out a Watchman’s call, giving us that unction to preach the gospel with the proper zeal, understanding the calling of God.
Sermon Comments (1)

this is a true man of God's heart. this is why i will never quit fighting for God- BECAUSE IT'S A FIRE IN MY BONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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