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 Peter Xu by Brother Yun

Topic: Underground Church
Description: Peter Xu is a leader in China's underground church. Imprisoned with Brother Yun, he has a powerful story to share.
Sermon Comments (3)

May the Lord Jesus give wind to the ministry and platform He is building for both Uncle Peter Xu and Brother Yun. I want to add to anyone who listens to this testimony of Peter Xu that I have personally investigated these things, I have spoken personally with others besides Peter who were also in the prison with them when these miracles occurred, and I declare to the world that these things are verifiable and trustworthy. It is a true miracle, as those verified in the book of Luke. I pray the Lord Jesus raise up an Army of little Jesus', from the West and the East, who will love as one in the the Father and the Son, and so show the world that the Father has sent the Son to save them. Amen and Amen! Lord Jesus, may we speed your coming with our repentance, our obedience, our unified holy love, and see your commission completed as we labor with You all the way back to Jerusalem where it began! Amen. Forgive us of our sins. Forgive the church in America of her adulteries. May you ra

 Powerful Testimony 
This is Peter Xu's testimony by Peter Xu (not Bro Yun). It is mostly his version of the events of Bro. Yun's miraculous escape from max. security prison. Amazing story.

 Sermon/Testimony NOT by Brother Yun! 
This sermon, entitled "Peter Xu" is a powerful message, it is however, not by Brother Yun at all, but by Brother Xu (Peter Xu). It is extremely misleading, and one would think (I did) that Brother Yun was talking about Brother Xu! Can this be changed? -Dawit

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