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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  A Call to Anguish

 A Call to Anguish by David Wilkerson

Topic: Revival
Scripture(s): Nehemiah 1  
Description: David Wilkerson speaks about the perversion in America and the sinfulness of the church. He points out how the church today is married to the world. People are seeking places where smooth messages are being preached. Christians no longer want to hear about God's coming wrath and the necessary correction of their lives. This broken and God-fearing man denounces the passivity of God's people. Christians are blind to the lukewarmness and the sinful mixture that has crept in little by little. He warns how the spirit of blindness is the least recognizable thing. He calls believers to leave their passivity: "You have lost your fight. That's all the devil wants to do is get the fight out of you and kill it. So you won't labor in prayer anymore, you won't weep before God anymore. You can sit and watch television and your family goes to hell. If you are expecting somebody else to win your family or to do this work you are mistaken." Through this very deep, challenging and anointed message, God calls believers to a baptism of anguish and to fervently pray for the recovery of a nation.
Sermon Comments (35)

 Great...! But how do you download it?? 
How do you download the sermon? It was like 50000 downloads but how??? I want this badly!!

 Whole message in text. 
This message is so powerful. But I have a problem. I don't understand everything, because I'm not english speaker and the recording is in really low quality. Is there whole message as a text somewhere? Or could anybody transcribe it? Please. I would be so happy. God bless you.

This sermon was incredible, I listened to it in December and it still strikes me just thinking about it.

Thank you Pastor David! God, I want your heart and burden!

 A Call To Anguish 
Sad. Just sad.

 Thank you Lord for your loyal servant Bro. David 
May the Lord raise more preachers such as this. He will be missed all over the World, but there must have been a glorious welcome in Glory for the Lord's special servant David Wilkerson....anyone who wonders what he was about listen to this....then listen to this again...Jules UK.

 I will not comprimise truth 
In answer to the last church I visited that I felt conviction was in the year 1993; I have since can not find a church where this convicton is felt or present and it has not been for lack of seeking and praying. Incidently, in 1993 is when I was born again and filled with the Holy Ghost I was starving for the word and leadership and finally was led to search the early preachers of the reform, Foxes book of Martyrs and Early Christians; to include very few examples like: Wilkerson, Washer, and Conlon. The holy Spirit is faithful in He pours out the grace that I feel such a desire for the truth and personnal conviction and desire for praying and His word. I have met very few , very few christians and have felt so alone in this walk besides the spririt of God, I have cried so many times wondering where are you real invisible church that does not comprimise with the world. Don't comprimise truth!!! I have been led to self-denial, to preach Christ with my life and the

 Love the ministry of Bro. David 
He will truly be missed. I love how the Spirit speaks thru Bro. David.

 God gave me an answer 
Thank you brother David Wilkerson, For the past 13 months God has been weeping, so deeply, with great supplications through me, everyday I begin prayer, I end up wailing, and such a pressure of anguish on my heart,my face, my insides, my husband has to get out of the room. he says its so deep. I yield myself to the Holy Spirit, and He prays. When you spoke in this message about the depths of anguish, it helped me so very much to understand that this was truly God's heart moving through me.. I have been pressing in and asking for the Father's heart.. to love the things he loves, and hate the things he hates. I asked God if there were others who were experiencing this,God answered me through you.I continue to feel something very cataclysmic is coming, I feel it, I have seen it in the spirit.The American church is not ready. God help us! Thank you so very much.

 A Call to Anguish by David Wilkerson 
Fellow believers: This message moved me so very much that by the end of it I was prostrate on the floor weeping in anguish over the lost members of my family. I have been so concerned with winning other lost souls to Christ that I have neglected a daily intercession in anguish over these precious souls bound for an eternity of torment. I will never be the same after hearing this message. I heartily recommend it.

 The Cry of my Heart 
This has so confirmed the cry of my own heart. I have felt such a brokenness, such an ANGUISH over my sins and the sins of the generation. How can we go on like we have been? When will we finally wake up????

 this is true christianity and nothing else 
We have men that have such great doctrine, churches, and everything else, but when was the last time you heard a man weep over his congregation? Oh, that the Holy Spirit would convict those who hear this message, because this is what Christianity is all about. While I don't agree with all that Wilkerson believes, I will take him over most preachers out there today.

 God Help us! 
WOW!!! I am speechless. Oh that we would anguish over the lost. Holy Spirit convict us and change us.

God, break my heart for the things that break yours. Forgive me for my hard heart. Thank you for this teaching and your calling on our lives.

The heart of anguish can be really heard in his voice. Of all of the sermons on the subject that I've listened to, it sounds like he is the one who is living this as a reality the most...

This is one of the best sermons I've ever heard. Thank God that David Wilkerson preaches what God lays on his heart. My life has been changed because of the message. I see now why I've had some of the struggles I've had.... I've resisted the call to anguish. Praise the LORD for His goodness.

 A Consuming Fire 
You will be as a blade of grass before a consuming fire as you listen to this message. I have never heard God speak through a human being as He did through David Wilkerson in this message. HIS voice will blow through your soul and you will be moved to unspeakable anguish over what grieves God. A "must listen" for every believer.

 Gods Anguish 
This is a very timely message. I dont want this to be one of many sermons to call me to pray for Gods anguish i want this sermon to be THE ONE sermon that caused me to make that vital descision that could change our nation and bring me closer to our Lord! I long to seek Gods face in this way...It's no small thing to ask and not be made lightly i know.

WOW! There is nothing more to say, yet much to do.

This is probably one of the most needed messages in the church today. If only there were more men of God like David Wilkerson!

This is the strongest sermon I have ever heard to date. Please only listen to this message when you have time to really sit down alone and be sober about the things of God.

 Phenomenal Message! 
This is one of the GREATEST Sermons I have ever heard in my life. Praise GOD for HIS goodness to us. Praise the LAMB of GOD that HE used brother David Wilkerson in such a powerul way. GLORY TO GOD! This is a must listen!

 Anguish Is What We Need 
I am truly and remarkably in awe over the message that was brought by Brother Wilkerson. I also believe that entertainment is much of what is being promulgated in our pulpits. Nothing more and nothing less. I know to some that this would be like a slap in the face. But, My Bible says that without Holiness no man shall see the Lord. I know that it is high time if we want to see Revival in this Generation again, that we must get before the Lord prostrate and seek His face for Direction and I believe with Dave it is only through that Baptism Of Anguish and the Agony that pours from Father God's heart. I need to repent of my Lethargy and my plans and the little Bless me clubs that we have. Thank You very much for letting me post this Comment.

 Extremely Powerful 
This message has the power to change your life. I've listened to it quite a few times, and heartily recommend it to any brother or sister who would like to seriously grow in God. There's absolutely NO window-dressing or fluff here - this is a soul-hot exhortation for brokeness in the Body. I can't express how important this message is. If it doesn't drop you to your knees, I really don't know what will.

 Jesus does not force his will on us... 
Great message!! It touches on one very important foundation of christianity... devotion!! This is just to clarify some issues: Jesus does not force his will on us, but he loves us so much that He came to dies on the cross for our sins so that, by choice, we can be drawn to himself. No matter how wicked we are and no matter the choice we make, he constantly knocks at the doors of our hearts,persuading us to change our ways and the direction of our path. He will not and cannot force us.. it is an issue of choice. thats why we really have no excuse if we make the wrong choice...He constantly and relentlessly knocks at the door of our heart to turn to him. And anytime we do, he accepts us and purify us for His purpose.

This is a very inspiring and truly a message that breathes the heartbeat of our Lord and Savior. When we crave His presence and His fullness what times we will behold! Thank you for this powerful words to cause a hunger and a yearning to rise deep within.

 Now or Never! 
"And they will go out with their flocks and their herds to seek the Lord and they will not find Him . . . Why? Because HE has withdrawn Himself from them." The Lord has had enough! Enough of our unwillingness to suffer . . our unwillingness to grieve and mourn for the SIN IN HIS HOUSE!!!!! Bro. David is one of our last fathers . . and maybe our last chance!

 I remember 
This reminds me of my first Christian Camp that I went to, I went there to serve others and not to be served. But God BURNED in my heart, oh DID HE BURN, His desire for the lost youth in my school. It fueled me for a great amount of time, this message brought back that experience. I wept for 30+mins louder and more painful than I could ever imagine. Not holy tears, but tears of anguish, of pain, of failure to Do His Will, and seek the Lost and tell them of His message. Great message!

 as a learning beginner I prayed I found 
Dear David Wilkerson,I must say with anguish I know in my heart I will never be the same.I am a learning born again believer and have a strong calling to serve Jesus Christ and to recieve sound doctrine,as you can only imagine as a new creature in Christ believer I found this same knowing within my heart you have spoken in your sermon yet never had it put into words as you have to know why??I had such a burden of anguish as I encountered teaching and preaching just as you desribed,I seemingly have wandared from place to place to seek out and find the answer to this and I am weary with anguish yet on fire with a strong burning desire planted deep in me to learn.I know truly we live in a generation unlike any before this great perilous time in church age!!and I am quickened in a way indesribeable as I listen to your message,and I cry out for many times I have prayed and depended on Jesus to guide me lead me to still waters yet!!have come to know yes!!indeed still waters run the deepest

 The Path to True Ministry 
Suddenly all endeavours for God make sense. I feel that this word is the basis for all service for the Lord. Brokeness, humility and anguish for his church. Thank you Jesus, thanks Greg.

 A stirring call to prayer and anguish on behalf of the unsaved! 
David Wilkerson drives one to the knees in repentence and prayer on behalf of our loved ones. One can almost here the voice of God as David speaks about God's anguish for those who do not know God in these Last Days and are consequently perishing in sin. Truly a beautiful and convicting sermon!

awesome word of God only if you like spiritual meat and not just milk!!!

My life has not been the same after hearing this message. Pastor Wilkerson's messages should be heard by every believer everywhere!

Listening to the Holy Ghost burden on wilkerson is almost unbearable. This message cuts quick to the marrow of the bone and is very convicting. I really can't recommend any other messages that will impact you as much on as this one. I have heard stories of this sermon changing peoples lifes, bringing church fellowships to their knees, copy and distribute this much needed to be heard message, may God get the glory due to His name.

I think Wilkerson clearly brings forth the missing ingredient for what so many of us are missing in ministry--anguish. How many of us are willing to pay this kind of price to see our city, country, world come to the Savior? Great study on Nehemiah as a leader.

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