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Audio Sermons : Duncan Campbell :  The Fire of God

 The Fire of God by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Fire Of God
Scripture(s): 1 Kings 18:30-33, 2 Chronicles 7:14, John 12:20-24  
Description: Duncan Campbell looks around at all the darkness and apostacy around and answers the question: "Why is revival not coming?" He cites some examples from the past to point out that the God of Elijah is alive and hears the sincere cry of the heart. What opens God's ears, Campbell teaches, is a life offered wholly on the altar to where we can say, "God, you've got the last piece."
Sermon Comments (2)

 Great inspiration to pray 
The first half of the sermon I felt was slow and 'average' but it really picked up in the latter half as he concluded about 'repairing the altar' (i.e., surrendering all to God). They were powerful! Some great quotes: "Beware of a cross that leaves you uncrucified." "Soul of mine, must I surrender, See myself the crucified, Turn from all of earth’s ambition That thou may’st be satisfied?" "It's amazing what God can do with one man wholly yielded to Him." "[There's a] need of being much in prayer until we are saturated with God Himself." "Lord, send revival and let it begin with me."

Message with great and important truths. Listen with the intent on hearing from God concerning total surrender!

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