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Audio Sermons : Duncan Campbell :  Revival On The Isle Of Lewis

 Revival On The Isle Of Lewis by Duncan Campbell

Topic: Revival History
Scripture(s): Psalm 85:6  
Description: Listen to this first-hand account of the Lewis Revival during the early 1950s. Duncan Campbell was God's instrument in this extraordinary awakening. In this tape Campbell recounts point-by-point this three-year movement of the Holy Spirit over the Hebrides Islands. Thousands were converted, conviction overwhelmed villages, outward sin disappeared, and prayer meetings were packed! Your heart will be thrilled as you listen to this tape about this heaven-sent revival in Lewis.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Don't hesitate, download this now. 
Don't worry if the quality of this recording isn't perfect, it is still fine to listen to... Trust me, if you are to download this you will surely not regret it. How wonderful to listen to the man who witnessed God come down, and to of hear the effects this had on peoples lives being truned back to God. This has been one of the best downloads I've ever made. God will surely use this if you take time to listen to it too.

 Inspiring Testimony... 
Duncan Campbell shares about the Hebrides revival. This recording had my spiritual man yearning so much for a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit in my life and church. Its hard to hear everything due to the old recording and Mr. Campbell's accent but you are sure to be blessed by this recording.

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