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Audio Sermons : Alan Redpath :  Beginning Of The End

 Beginning Of The End by Alan Redpath

Topic: Miracle
Scripture(s): Mark 6  
Description: Redpath preaching to students at Prairie Bible Institute and looks at the 6th chapter of Mark's gospel, specifically at the miricale of the feeding of the 5000. He shows how we try to do so much in our own strength, rather than being totally dependant on God. Have we given all to Jesus?
Sermon Comments (5)

 Timeless like the scripture 
This is one to pass along...the theme of brokenness is rarely heard from the pulpit today. We are inundated with diversion,newer and better ways to be entertained, demanding to feel good on demand. We are in such precarious times, our earnest prayer needs to be; Lord,WHATEVER IT TAKES...I will submit to You forming me, breaking me, to be a fit vessel for your service.Paul said in 1 Corinth. that our works will be tested by fire, and all will be consumed except that which was done through Christ, and that means doing things His way. My own deliverance from new-age practices is a story of the leading of a merciful God that showered me with His grace until I was completely free of it.But my "extraction" from the deception of the hyper-charismatic garbage was downright painful; I'd rather have a root canal than go through that again. But afterwards..His HOLINESS was more concise 2Corin3:18...are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lor

 God's pattern 
Brother Alan shows God's pattern for Christian ministry: Every Christian must be taken and broken, before he can be given. Unbroken Christians are ungiven Christians ~ Alan Redpath

 Death To Self 
Oh to die to our selves! God is letting all the circumstances in our life come to bring us to a place of brokenness that we can trust fully in the Lord by His spirit and be used by Him. This is a tremendous call by Alan Redpath back to humble brokenness in our walks and ministry with the Lord Jesus.

 Timeless message 
It is just this kind of message that is so needful today! We have so many methods and programs and man made machines called churches that are absent of an emptied life that can be filled with the Holy Spirit. Pastor Redpath's message is a timeless message as needful then as today and tommorrow.

 Beginning Of The End by Alan Redpath 
We need more ministers that preach like this. Ann

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