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Audio Sermons : A.W. Tozer :  In Everything By Prayer

 In Everything By Prayer by A.W. Tozer

Topic: Prayer
Scripture(s): Philippians 4:6  
Description: This is a lively sermon preached by Tozer on the importance of doing all that we do accompanied by prayer. He contrasts this with what the world accompanies their doings with: ex. money, influence, committees... Tozer is really preaching out of his heart in this sermon, calling the Church back to the simplicity of prayer and trust in God's sufficiency.
Sermon Comments (3)

 Sharpens the focus 
Tying Phi.4:6 “In everything by prayer” to the only two kingdoms that there are, sharpens the focus on HOW THINGS WORK in these two kingdoms. There are many warning signs posted in this message that can alert us to a drift toward the Kingdom of Darkness/world. This message confirmed for me why I felt so uneasy when the worldly resume of various board members began to be published. Prior to that I only felt uneay and thought of how poor the resumes of the disciples would read if they were published. With prayer I could now speak more clearly should God lead. Many correcting ideas come to mind like Board prayer meetings on upcoming agenda with attendance being the criteria for later discussion/decision making. Support for suggestions tied directly to the Word of God and the fruit of prayer.

 Treats why we should pray, not how to pray 
This sermon talks about why we should pray and not depend on committees, popularity, money, prestige, delegation, et cetera. It only indirectly talks about how we should pray. Even so, it is a comparative rarity in the modern preaching landscape in that it actually focuses on prayer. Jim Hitt, La Mirada, California.

 Your Church Should Hear This 
I heard "In Everything By Prayer" when I first discovered SermonIndex about a year ago. Since then I have listened to a hundred or more of Dr. Tozer's other sermons, but when I listened to this one a second time yesterday, I realized that it stands out as one of the best. I hope I will remember to listen to it again some time in the future, so that I will be sure not to forget the vital message for which the Holy Spirit continues to use this sermon.

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