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Audio Sermons : Alan Redpath :  The Challenge of Every Christian - Part 3

 The Challenge of Every Christian - Part 3 by Alan Redpath

Topic: Challenge
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Sermon Comments (3)

 A Very Rich Message 
This is Holy Ghost preaching at its best. God's servant delivers a message that we cannot ignore. Jesus must be our Lord, even when the warfare is strong against us.

 Really Good 
The first half of this message was on Jesus being lord/master... The second half was especially good. Is he lord over your life? Will you sacrifice for him? Really powerful word with some good stories towards the end about people who made both right and wrong decisions. Some sacrificed money, comfort, even relationships (they stayed single). They were really happy in the will of God... Others did not submit to God, and were miserable!... "We are in a war!" Great message

 the right message for then and today 
we need more messages like this one coming from the pulpits in America today. Messages that challenge our comfortable way of Western Christianity! God helps us.

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