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 A Few Sighs from Hell (reading) by John Bunyan

Description: The Groans of The Damned Soul or An exposition of those words in the Sixteenth of Luke, concerning the Rich Man and the Beggar wherein is discovered the lamentable state of the damned;
their cries, their desires in their distresses, with the determination of God upon them.

A good warning word to sinners, both old and young, to take into consideration betimes, and to seek, by faith in Jesus Christ, to avoid, lest they come into the same Place of Torment.

Also, a brief discourse touching the profitableness of the Scriptures for our instruction in the way of righteousness, according to the tendency of the parable.
Sermon Comments (2)

 How May We Escape What is to Come? 
A beautiful reading/performance! "What shall I do to be saved?" is the anguished cry of the pilgrim. I am neither willing withstand the consequences nor able to flee afternoon as I played I found I had no way to erase the black marks upon the report card off my life. once thhey were written, thosr black marks would not fade, would not be covered by the golden plusses of the good I do, though good could be wiped out by false motives or viciousness. what could I do? The Pilgrim searches in this book for a true answer.

 he lifted up his eyes! 
Excellent description of how lost souls will finally lift up their eyes. They have lived their lives ignoring Christ but now they lift up their eyes. May we live our lives as if it were our last hour and lift up our eyes while still in this world.

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