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 At the Kings Gate by Teresa Conlon

Scripture(s): Esther 2-3,Psalms 11:2  
Description: The King's Gate is a type of salvation, a place of power, a place to be seen and noticed. A public witness. The enemy will come at believers, but when we remember the truth and point him to Jesus, he will lose every time. Mordecai bowed not before Haman, but the rest of the King's servants did. There was no discernment that this was an enemy. Mordecai did not try to hide who or what he was. We are called to declare our testimony of the Lord, given to us when he saved us. Mordecai had witnessed some of the king's servant's turn against him, and plot to kill him, he'd seen evil. So he recognized it. We do not have to bow before our enemy or yield.
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 Esther unpacked! 
Teresa invites you into understanding Esther in a whole new way. Her voice is friendly and invites you into a personal life application of the experience of Mordecai at the King's Gate.

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