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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  A Call to the Church (Lazarus, Come Forth)

 A Call to the Church (Lazarus, Come Forth) by Art Katz

Topic: Spirit of Truth
Description: (The Spirit of Truth), (Lazarus, Come Forth).
These two messages were spoken on the same day to one congregation. Though the themes spoken on these tapes are similar to others offered, the impact and anointing of these particular talks make them unique and worth hearing.

Sermon Comments (3)

 To be a Lazarus 
This is vintage Art Katz, on fire and singular in his message to the sleeping church. Still in his Pentecostal days, yet this is no "bear hug and back slap" (as he puts it) to his charismatic fellows, but rather a call to be silent, to actually be willing (as Lazarus) to be entombed, to suffer silence from God and to die to all self-driven programs -- to wait for the Lord, and the Lord alone, to call "come forth!" His point is, there is always the vestige of vanity even in our eloquent preaching, in our most thoughtful prayers: we still have our ears tuned to the applause of men, our eyes fixed on numbers of converts; still there is the thrill of doing "good." Here Art says: "If our ministry is not first unto God, it is never truly ministry unto men." How many of us are willing to "stink" in the view of the world, while we wait to be obedient unto God alone?

 Willing to be entombed? 
A great message about dying to self, especially in regard to ministry. "You young people who fill called into ministry, are you willing to stay in a hole in a rock until you hear the Lord say, 'Lazaraus, come forth!' " ~ Art Katz

 Fantastic Sermon 
A classic sermon and needs to be listened to with his one on the cross

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