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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  A Call to the Church (The Spirit of Truth)

 A Call to the Church (The Spirit of Truth) by Art Katz

Topic: Spirit of Truth
Description: (The Spirit of Truth), (Lazarus, Come Forth).
These two messages were spoken on the same day to one congregation. Though the themes spoken on these tapes are similar to others offered, the impact and anointing of these particular talks make them unique and worth hearing.

Sermon Comments (4)

 Nothing of the flesh 
This is fresh wind and fresh fire for the limping, primping church today. "Partial obedience is disobedience; and partial truth is a lie." What a strong message for our congregations of the present day, where the systems of the world have crept in and services have become performances. Where can the Spirit of Truth abide in these? This message by a young Art Katz bears hearing over and over. Thank You, precious Lord, for Your truth!

This is a wonderful sermon. I love Art Katz's humility and honesty.

 Partial Obedience is Disobedience 
I really believe that those who want to be real, and without guille, before the Lord Jesus Christ will be blessed by this speaking. I have heard it several times but it has not hit me like it did today ever before. The Holy Spirit has been showing me just how I do that is untrue and not of Himself because it has only been partially done. "If partial obedience is disobedience then partial truth is untruth."

 Where a dove would rest 
A dove is a pecuilar creature that will not just land anywhere. So is the Holy Spirit.

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