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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  A River of Life

 A River of Life by Art Katz

Topic: River of Life
Scripture(s): Revelation 22:1-5, Genesis 3:22-24, Ezekiel 47:1-12  
Description: Art insists that the waters of life flowing from the Throne are available here and now for those who are yielded to that Throne and to that Lordship. As believers, why are so few of us accessing that life? Could it be we are not yielded to the totality of that Lordship?
Sermon Comments (4)

 Another 1000 cubits? 
Are you willing to go another 1000 cubits in the river of life? Are you wanting to go ankle deep, knee deep, waist deep, or get in over your head? Or would you rather go back to the shore-line where it is safe? No more kiddie-pool stagnant Christianity!

 Break me that I would not reach for shore 
After hearing, I know that I have not even began to even get my toes sprinkled with what is available. I cry Lord, in spite of my rebelious heart - by Your tender mercies, please break me of all that I think, have, and am that I would be swept away fully by your living waters. I do not want to live in predictability. This is the only life of mine You have purchased. Let it not be stagnant - not hardened. Break the comfort of my fears far from me, let me be as You said in John 3:8.

 The Life of God, the authority of God in our lives 
A bond is made manifest between these two: The Life of God we are experiencing and living by and God's authority in our lives. His Life proceedes to us from His Throne, the place of His Authority. Our lives in turn manifest this Life by our proximity to His throne. Selah.

 A River of Life 
after hearing this word I find I enter the flowing water but retain control because, I swim. profond revealing word, a word too wonderful for me, yet it is. Junah

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