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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  "To the Jew First..."

 "To the Jew First..." by Art Katz

Topic: Gospel To The Jews
Scripture(s): Romans 1:16  
Description: The church is emaciated and corrupted in exact proportion as it has failed to take to heart God¬ís foremost mandate for herself, namely, that ¬ďthe gospel is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe, to the Jew first¬Ö¬Ē There is a divine wisdom here that the Lord wants to bring to our attention.
Sermon Comments (5)

 Indeed to the Jews first 
Aman to brother Katz's sound doctrinal teaching! As a gentile believer, I strongly believe that this spiritual pride, arrogance, or obliviousness so deeply embedded in the minds of so many gentile believers is a big problem. We are indeed wild unnatural branch ingrafted into the root. So many of us forget that!!!

 to the jew 1st 
It cuts down to the core. Yes, I am guilty of avoiding the commandment. Yes, it takes faith in supernatural God. Lord, grand me listening ear and help be step out in faith with the word of your Gospel to the Jew 1st.

This is a message that some Christians would cringe to listen to. Brother Art has tremendous wisdom in preaching on this passage (Romans 1:16). It amazing hearing a message like this coming from a Messianic Jew. Everyone needs to listen to this!

 To the Jew first 
I do not know any Jews. The Jew I heard just now did not use the word "pride" to describe The Jewish personality/mind set. He danced with words almost like "pride" but never put forth the root cause for the down fall of all of us but to the Jew first. Pride made Satan fall. Yes I say powers and principalities are working hard strong and overtime. The Jewishness of condescending judgement assumption , comes through loud and clear as he assumes his listeners "do not get it" especially if they are a hight school drop out and Wall Mart dress. I can easily see how the Jew would reject a babe in a manger with animals and the smells. Pride tells the Jew the Messiah should come in spender and pomp. How easy it was for Satan in folks, namely Jew to reject Jesus. He did not enter the way a King and Deliver should or to their prideful thinking, would. Yet i reamain stead fast in the Love of the Jew because it is for sure the do not know what they do. I weep for the young mothers who car

 Must listen 
God has planted the seed in my heart about this for a while now. This is what I needed to hear. To truly see what I'm about to face. Reaching into a whole new realm. I'm not extremly knowledgable about the Jew. But yet, God spoke to me about it. I believe EVERY CHRISTIAN (any..and every) should listen to this. To stop putting leaven into your bread and feeding it to people. But taking the leaven out and presenting the bread (word of God) true to every Creature. First the the Jew...THEN and ONLY then to the Gentile. Are you willing to face the 5th grade bully?

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