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 Apostolic Commission by Art Katz

Topic: Apostolic
Description: A recent expression of an older message out of the life of Moses in his encounter with the God of the Burning Bush. There is a pattern here of true sending and therefore true ministry that we need constantly to be reminded of.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Much wisdom 
Mr. Katz shares much wisdom in this wonderful message. One of his best concerning the Apostolic. Several key points definately hit the nail right on the head. Art talks about the difference between "went" and "sent". He elaborates on the nature of true apostolic sending, parreleling his message with the life and sending of the prophet Moses. Many love the prestige and honor of the front side of the mountain, but Moses was called to the back on the side of the wilderness. When the "good" is such an attractive lure in these last days, many are being drawn away from the burning bush to the front side of the mountain, making a name for themselves, but the "perfect" is to wait on God and be apostolically sent with a burning message of deliverance to the people who are oppressed as slaves under the pitiable taskmasters and Pharoah's of our day and age. Hallelujah!!!

 Art Katz in under and hour :) 
This is a strong word on what it takes to truly have an apostolic comission. Brother Art speaks an encouraging world to those of us who have tried and failed. Although I think this message could have gone on for at least another hour, Borther Art brings the word with no compromise.

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