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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  The Remnant People of God

 The Remnant People of God by Art Katz

Topic: Remnant People of God
Description: In the final analysis, God is mainly interested in a remnant people who stand for the whole, both for the predominantly Gentile church and Israel. Touches the distinguishing characteristics of the remnant people of God.
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 Religious Slave Puppets are ruled by Ecumenical Religious Propaganda 
“How is it? That you are able to become bed partners with the very same religious powers that hounded your fathers unto death?….And will do YOU also!!….When your relationship with them will no longer serve their ecumenical purposes!!! Whose esteem do you need? IF you have heavens (esteem).” Art Katz “The Remnant People of God” There is a religious establishment that is passing as the Christian church of modern times. This entity portrays herself as a sanctified people in the presence of the world; yet they walk not different to the world, but in similarity to the world, achieving the same goals of success. They are very assertive of making false statements of peace and love in the name of Jesus, by passively compromising and walking softly as cat paws to not offend anyone: Not aware, that they are slave puppets ruled by half truths from the ecumenical religious powers and propaganda.

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