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Audio Sermons : Art Katz :  The Theocratic Kingdom

 The Theocratic Kingdom by Art Katz

Topic: Theocratic Kingdom
Scripture(s): Isaiah 9:6-7  
Description: With all the emphasis on ¬Ďrevival¬í presently occurring, Art examines what true revival should lead to, namely, a mode of apostolic understanding that identifies with and embraces the imminent coming Kingdom¬óthe rule of God in the earth. The message touches on the subject of spiritual authority and sonship.
Sermon Comments (1)

The more you get to learn about God the less you realize you know. This word that was given is one of those words that knocks you back in your seat, to know that God has a eternal purpose of that kind is something that I never heard or even had it explained in that way and I pray that the church will give up there humanistic ways and focus on the things not seen. Praise God and I thank Art for being obedient in giving this message God bless his soul and for Ben Israel

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