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Audio Sermons : Carter Conlon :  The Pigs In The Parking Lot

 The Pigs In The Parking Lot by Carter Conlon

Topic: Surrender
Scripture(s): Luke 8:27-40, James 2:19, Hebrews 10:32-39  
Description: Prepare to be convicted if you are holding back on God. Luke 8:27-40. Jesus is met by a possessed man in the Gadarene tombs, who has many devils, and they with fear and trembling (James 2:19) beg Jesus to let them go into a nearby herd of pigs, rather than banish them to the pit, and he allows them to go. When the man is found by the neighboring citizens, clothed and sitting at the feet of Jesus in his right mind, instead of rejoicing at his deliverance, they reject Jesus, and ask him to leave for they are unwilling to follow him if it means losing their pigs. Many are unwilling to trust their life to Jesus, and are holding back part of themselves, unwilling to surrender, having counted the cost and the price too high. If you are happy with average, this message isn't for you. If you are determined to follow Jesus, wholly, listen with an open heart.
Sermon Comments (3)

God has called us and will see us through. We are not of those that "draw back" but "believe." All things work out for good because we are "called according to His purpose." We need to surrender to God all that we are for surely the best life is a surrendered life to Christ and His purposes for our life.

 great message 
Great sermon that will change your outlook on trying to "glory God" through personal gains and accomplishments (e.g. the prostant work eithic--look at how far God has brought me). We don't need to have cars, bank accounts and degrees to know if God is pleased with us or not. Let us not go by our senses as the heathen do. Through our Lord Jesus Christ we may know that simple obdience pleases God, and that obdience will not always lead to earthly sucess and pomp. Again, great message.

 Have you left all? 
I listend to this one on the bus... I had to close my eyes and call out to god.. carter really shows that so many people havent left all to follow we have something left that we wont give up? have you given him everything? if you struggle whit this. Listen to this sermon it will encurage you to leave the world and follow christ

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