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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  The Nature of God

 The Nature of God by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Character Of God
Scripture(s): Ezekiel 33:11-13  
Description: God speaks to each generation in terms of their specific need, but He also speaks in terms of eternal principles.
Sermon Comments (1)

 God wants holiness though He doesn't enjoy the process 
Paris Reidhead stresses several things concerning the "death of the wicked" (Ezekiel 33:11). 1) This is not about those who are "wicked" by position but by nature and that we are always by nature capable of sin. 2) Worship of three false gods affect all of us: Ashtoreth (lust of the flesh), Baal (prosperity pursuits of cheating etc), and Molech (position and power pursuits). 3) When we allow sin in our lives, we have stopped God from protecting us (Psalm 34:7). 4) Some died early from communion because of sin (1 Cor. 11:30). 5) Some of those who pray for revival want an atmosphere that helps themselves not to sin. 6) Virtue is only possible when there is freedom to do so. 7) God doesn't like the process but wants us to be free to enjoy Him.

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