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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  Christ Explains the Law

 Christ Explains the Law by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Law
Scripture(s): Matthew 5  
Description: Christ declares the function and purpose of the Christian in life and in the world. He sets forth the relationships of His people to the law.
Sermon Comments (2)

 Christ explains the Law 
I beleive Ghandi once said that if he ever met a christian who lived according to the sermon on the mount he would become one. It is so easy to read Matthew 5 and although these are as we beleive the words Jesus taught,miss the whole spirit behind them. Maybe I should say Spirit behind them. It's amazing how we skim over scripture and just don't "get it". This sermon really made me feel like I was there and listening to the Lord I "got it" this time. It was a wonderful sense of the Incarnate Word of God (Jesus) opening up the written word by His Spirit. I am hungry for more of the same and am particularly listening to Paris Reidhead on Discipleship... enough of the milk... the body of Christ needs good meat.

 So I am obsessed with the Law 
and this sermon showed me some stuff about the law that I never realized. I think I have been preaching some wrong stuff on the street corners!

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