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Audio Sermons : Paris Reidhead :  The Baptism with the Holy Spirit

 The Baptism with the Holy Spirit by Paris Reidhead

Topic: Baptism Of The Holy Spirit
Scripture(s): Exodus 29:1-21  
Description: Let your mind and heart be challenged by truths in God's Word about the blood, the cross and the baptism with the Holy Spirit as shown by Levitical sacrifices and laws given by Moses.
Sermon Comments (4)

 Preperation for filling 
Faithful preperation is faithful service. We need to see the cross from the inside. We need the blood on our ear, our thumb and our great toe. We need the blood mixed with the oil and applied to us. It's not just victory over sin we need. We also need the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

 Empowering the Living Sacrifice.... 
Having had only meagre appreciation of the symbolic nature of Old Testament sacrifice as relating to New Testament reality for the Christian,I have been deeply impressed by Paris' interpretation of Exodus 29 for ME.That the baptism and gifts of the Holy Spirit are attributable entirely to the laying down of Christ's life..and then our own lives as we position ourselves to made unmistakeably clear through this message.

 Some people really need to hear this! 
If you are preparing for ministry, this should be required listening. If you know something is missing in your Christian life and you have well meaning people in your life trying to convince you that you have something that you know you don't, add this to your listen of messages to listen to. However, if you are very tired (as I was when I began listening) wait until you are awake otherwise the beginning may seem a bit slow. After the OT explanation in the begininng (which is the basis of what he later explains) he shares his own testimony of the stages of growth in his life. Just this part was worth the listen! (But you need to hear the beginning to understand what he's talking about. Kind of like his Ten Shekels sermon: If you don't listen to the beginning you don't know the things to which he refers.)

 Informative, but not stunning 
Reidhead tells much about the background of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, in relation to the OT. Not much about his own experience of the Holy Spirit, or others' experience, but more about how you can live in victory once you have received the promise of the Father.

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