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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  A Whole New World is Coming

 A Whole New World is Coming by David Wilkerson

Topic: End Of The World
Scripture(s): Psalm 16:11; Jude 24-25,2 Peter 3:7-14  
Description: This message is about how things will change for the better when Jesus suddenly stops time and eternity begins. This message is meant to bring peace and security to the believer's heart. No matter how bad things will be on earth when the Lord comes, look up, this is not your world. God wants you to know who you are in Christ, and that he loves you and yes, you can make it.
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 The Coming of Jesus 
Wonderful Sermon about the return of Jesus, who is soon coming, to catch His bride away. Every Christian should listen to this one. This World is not our Home.

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