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Audio Sermons : David Wilkerson :  Call No Man Common or Unclean

 Call No Man Common or Unclean by David Wilkerson

Topic: Division
Scripture(s): Acts 10:9-16  
Description: We who profess the name of Christ are defining him to a world that is lost by whatever we say or do. The world sees a church splintered by division, into numerous denominations and differences in their interpretation of scripture. Too many refuse to fellowship with one another because of their differences. Their is no scripture to condone such division and denominational loyalty. There is one Lord, one faith, and one baptism. A convicting message on dealing with our prejudices. By the way believers live their lives they represent Christ to the world who watches with suspicion. Peter had a hard time dealing with the acceptance of the Gentiles, and learning to share God with them. The Jews had long held the belief God was theirs alone. The Lord revolutionized Peter's and the apostles' thinking when he gave the Holy Ghost to the Gentiles, too. May he revolutionize ours as well. This is one of the best messages on unity in the Body of Christ, and the need for it, ever preached by anyone.
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 not popular 
A great sermon and a message that is sometimes not welcome in our heart. Very imporant message and a massage from God himselfe.

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