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 Short Excerpt by William Booth

Topic: Classic Recordings
Description: This recording, taken from an old '78', gives an insight into the character of the founder of The Salvation Army, William Booth.
Booth's passion for mission permeates the recording, his compassion for the lost, his burning love for souls, his driving ambition for the Kingdom and the glory of God.

[b]Audio Transcription:[/b]
[i]NOTE: it is very hard to hear the audio I recommend highly you read this transcription and listen along at the same time![/i]

If thou hast run with them and they have wearied thee? _____ darkened.. forces. And it is in the land of defeat where in darkness they have wearied thee. Then afterwards ________. Dear comarde look up to the joy set before thee, and haste on thy way to the regions of glory. A crowd and a kingdom thy faith may discover. Thy troubles are great but they will soon be over. But Jesus has suffered thy soul to deliver. And opened thy passage through ____ dark river. Christ is a sure help to the children of zion, but if though has any false props to rely on your soul is deluded. Think what thou are doing, Oh! cast them away, __ to do it. But none but Jehovah has power to deliver and bear up your soul in the midst of the river.

I am glad you are enjoying HIM. The salvation is a friend of happiness. making heaven on earth is our business. Serve the Lord with gladness is one of our favorite mottos. I am pleased that you are pleased! But admist all your joy's don't forget to ____ the misery. Do you ever visit them? Come away and let us ___ to. Here is a home ____ family, they eat and drink and sleep ___ and dine in the same chamber. Here is a drunkard _____ furniture ___ wife a skeleton, Children in rags _____ victims of his ____ . Here are the unemployed seeking word and finding none.
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 Missing words 
The end of this sermon is the smae as the one titled "Don't Forget" by William Booth

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