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Audio Sermons : T. Austin Sparks :  A Holy Nation

 A Holy Nation by T. Austin Sparks

Topic: Church
Scripture(s): Matthew 21:42,1 Peter 2:7  
Description: The date delivered was 05/01/1960. The scriptures used in this sermon were Matthew 21:42 and 1 Peter 2:7.
Sermon Comments (3)

 A call to holiness 
This is the echo of the heart of God throughout the ages, for men to obey God, and be that set apart as a special treasure to Him, a people with that relationship to Him that He has been seeking since the Garden. This reiterates again the importance of Holiness - that is, obedience to His commandments. I always love the messages from Mr. Sparks which adhere to the Word of God.

A holy nation... a nation that is set apart from the world and totally unto God, for the glory of His name. A must listen-to sermon for every Christian!

 No Seperation Anxiety 
In just over one-half hour, you will KNOW holiness. SCRIPTURE: Matthew 21.42-44; 1Peter 2:7-10 (especially verse 9). Holy defines something or someone that belongs WHOLLY to God. No one can lead a soul out of bondage who is still in bondage himself. No one can help another one into a life with God who is NOT seperated from this world. The secret of power is HOLINESS. Powerlessness indicates a lack of communion with God. (Take that, twelve steps). God's blessings.

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