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Audio Sermons : Vance Havner :  Desperation

 Desperation by Vance Havner

Topic: Desperation
Scripture(s): Matthew 18:20  
Description: This short excerpt of a sermon is quite powerful and Vance Havner gives us examples of people who were desperate and in turn were used by God. Here is a select quote from the excerpt: "If I could get one church full of folks that actually believed that verse, "Where two or three are gathered in My name, I am there," [Matthew 18:20] I don't know when we'd get out of here tonight."
Sermon Comments (3)

 Desperation sermon 
I wish to also request the complete sermon. It sounds like something special. I've looked online for the sermon with no luck. If anyone can find this sermon, i would appreciate a link. Thank you much. blessings, james

 more please 
Please put the rest of the message in the file!

SermonIndex.....You're leaving us hanging. Dr. Havner is great! Could we have the whole message plus many more???

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