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 The Revival Hymn by Compilations

Topic: Compilation
Scripture(s): Ephesians 5:14  
Description: This is a very powerful audio message that will stir your spirit for revival! Clips of following speakers included in this message: Ian Paisley, Leonard Ravenhill, Paris Reidhead, Duncan Campbell, A.W. Tozer, T. Austin Sparks. This is probably one of the most potent and powerful audio recordings on this entire site. You will be changed as you listen to this compilation.
Sermon Comments (61)

The music seems to be a hangup of many of the posters here, but they then also talk about being more like Jesus and going to the people needing help rather than waiting for them to come. I think the music is an inspired part of this sermon, as most of the "sleeping Christians" in today's church are "Sunday Christians" or "holiday Christians". Those same people today are being distracted by catchy tunes and "noise" that grabs their attention. By putting upbeat and, yes, a rock solo in the mix, the person who put this together has now increased the chances of grabbing the attention of those individuals. Just because the music doesn't mesh with your preferences doesn't mean God isn't able to use it for His glory. I love this sermon, several of the best clips from several of the most passionate preachers I've heard, with a background layer of some of the more common tunes that are used in motivational speeches/videos all combines for a great shout of joy to the Creator.

The first time I heard this message I was in a Bible College class and it hit me so hard as it did the rest of the class that all i wanted to do was get on my face before God and repent. Repent for my complacency and apathy. Here I was in a christian college studying His word so I could fulfill the great commisssion and this message just floored me. What it did was give me a wake up call for myself and the modern day church as we know it. I think it is awesome and amazing. Honestly it has changed my life. I thank God for His love and mercy and I thank Him for these men who were not ashamed of the gospel to tell it like it is.

 Great message/better without the music 
The message is really great and important to be heard by as many people as possible. I just found all the music to be distracting. None of it was needed. Just as rock has permeated to worship and become entertainment, I believe it is fair to say that when any type of music accompanies the Word of God being proclaimed it is to induce feelings and is there to entertain our feelings. Personally I find that it is hard to concentrate on the message.

 Blew Me Away 
I've heard it so many times, I can recite so many of its lines. It's on of the best audio files I've ever downloaded. It hit me like a ton of bricks the first time I heard it and often brought me to tears. Paris Reidhead's preaching was hardly like anything I'd ever heard before: amazing. I also think most of the background music is good. However, there is a middle bit where some Christian rock kicks in and I feel that doesn't add anything to the 'Hymn'. Also, you can hardly make out what Duncan Campbell is saying. Sometimes the background music is so loud you cannot hear the preaching. If I could give it 5 stars, I would. But I can't for these above reasons. Often when listening to it I have skipped Campbell and the Christian rock and headed straight to the 14th minute to listen to Ravenhill and then Reidhead. Totally worth it. Listening to this could be one of the best few minutes you ever spend in your entire life.

Powerful stuff!

 "Over and Over" 
I have listened to "The Revival Hymn" over and over again! Oftentimes I turn it on in the morning before I pray and read God's word! The Spirit of this hymn awakes me during times of spiritual slumber, and complacency. I smiled when I saw it on this site!!!

 Beware, this Revival Hymn will convict you! 
Will strike at the heart of any sinner. Put this in your tool box and make use of it. The word of God, the universal tool.

 Great preaching but... 
The preaching is powerful. But I have been to some "christian rock" concerts where the preaching was powerful as well. Gal 5:9 "A little leaven leavens all the lump." The same principle applies with poison. Let's be honest; christian rock, CCM, and similar are simply wordly entertainment. Entertainment is the evangelist of the apostasy of the church today. The world and the church do not need entertainment. They need Christ! They need the gospel preached to them with clarity. Not with obnoxiously loud accompaniment or any other form of entertainment. My heart is grieved to see the church embracing such obvious error.

 Wow really powerful 
I just completed listening to Revival Hymn and what stuck in my head is the Chinese mans response to American Christianity. Yes there are times that I wonder Was God in the service today. We need to pray that we will please and live a life for God.

 Very good 
This compilation was very good, and very strong. I thought the rock song in the middle seemed a little out of place though, considering that most of the men who were put on here wouldn't listen to that kind of music first of all, and that it just didn't fit with the rest of the music. Great quotes though from men like Ian Paisley, Ravenhill and Reidhead, men who still burn with that holy passion. Worth your listen for sure.

 Dare to listen more than once 
This is so excellent; I've listened to this many times. Awesome.

 All Glory To God 

 very powerful 
It is one of my favorites t listen too.. You know to many that was ungodly music but we must listen to the words too and judge. I know many true 24 hour christians who like todd agnews music and others because of the words even though the rock might not be their choice of sound. I even look at paul washer who has been to conferences with christian rap and he would even say that the words were godly, even though i don't like God to be rapped. But i wouldn't say the music was ungodly.

 Subtract a star for the music 
I have been blessed by this compilation and am motivated to hear the messages in their entirety. Unfortunately, the music was a drawback for several reasons: It's not mixed well -- the music is too loud. It appears to sensationalize what is powerful all by itself. For some people, any music with a "backbeat" is taboo so they would miss the blessing. I'm not suggesting no music at all, but if you are going to have it, make sure the sermons are "upfront" not the music. Also, I can see the point of some of the one-star comments. It's Christ we seek, not revival for the sake of revival. So, it's better to make that clear.

 The Complete Transcript 
For those of you seeking the messages which were preached, you may find he complete transcript here: The majority of the speaking was from Paris Reidhead's Ten Shekels and a Shirt.

 Agree with WaynenArk 
I truly was moved and stirred to tears with this compilation but was also so grieved by the insert of the ungodly noise that was placed in the center and thus marred the purity. May the Lord cause the dear soul that placed much effort in this segment come to the knowledge that we must pray and ask for discernment in all our endeavors. Would it be possible to edit this and purge it of this blight? I believe that whoever put this together was in complete sincerity and we should remember to guide in love when it comes to showing forth any errors. How often I myself have been mislead or deceived and then by God,s grace alone steered back onto the right course.

 All sermons from the Revival hymn 
Hi can some one tell me where can i download all sermons use in this compilation separately and to give me the names of the sermons that are used in this compilation too. Please if you can do this for me i'd be greatfull my email is [email protected]

 the hymn of truth 
the compilation is awesome-Truth speaks

This audio message is powerful. It has me thinking about things I've never even considered before. God, help me to be what You want me to be. You deserve all the honour and glory. I want to be completely Yours.

Forget whether you like the music or not, there is Truth ringing in every syllable of this track! I put it on repeat and listen to it over and over and over, crying the entire time. Listen to it and let God use Truth, spoken by these men of God, to crush your heart. Let Him use it to spark a revival in your own life. O God! give us revival!

 A Paradoxical Production 
Here you get a string of some of the best preaching clips of our age. The only paradox is that thrown right into the middle of it all is a rock music solo. That might be the compiler's preference, but has nothing to do with revival. I skip the solo whenever I listen to this, but find the music to be distracting generally. For example, the intro would be much more powerful without any music, but you can learn to ignore it. I was glad to have listened to Duncan Campbell's full message first, since the quality is lower and the clip is longer than the others in this compilation, it can seem out of step, but an excellent addition nonetheless. To sum up, the exhortation here is excellent. This is the one that led the way to the compilation craze. I have heard that a copy of this is available without music, which would be great!

this is such an uplifting sermon

 Exactley what the church needs to hear 
What I took from the Revival hymn is just a call for revival in the church, not necessarily for the unsaved. The revival hymn, the way I took it any way, tries to point the church back to missioning for the glory of God, not man. It talkes of a rejection because of the Word that has been overlooked by many, even though mentioned many times in the Word. "Brother will deliver brother over to death, and the father his child, and children will rise against parents and have them put to death, and you will be hated by all for my name's sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved."(Matt. 10:21-22) Overall a fantastic collection of preachers who hold to the glory of God at all costs, and maintain that God is worthy of following, even through the things mentioned in Matt. 10:21-22.

wow thats all i can say i saw this at my church like 3 times and it is so awesome i was truly uplifting to hear this story suzanne taylor (19) georgia

 Magnificent production, except... 
Earth-shaking messages combined with absolutely magnificent music, but ruined by the insertion of an episode of hard rock cacophany! It's like a stinking fly in a jar of costly ointment. But why? Wayne

One of the speakers I found to be annoying, and it SOUNDS like he is trying to put on a show. The message should not be revival, but Christ.

 So very good, but... 
"The Revival Hymn" is so very heart stirring but much of the background music takes away from the awesomeness. We do in this day need to awake from our slumber in these closing days of the church age. God needs His people to shine forth in the darkness that He is REAL. God is living and true and we who are 60+ in age have to be aware that we are going into eternity from this temporal fast passing realm. We have NOT arrived to our eternal home. God has granted me to be aware of that word ETERNITY. Help us dear Lord to be aware that we are fast approaching our eternal kingdom and to live only for You. Too bad we don't have more Holy Spirit moved preachers. Yes, let there be a REAL move of Your Holy Spirit of life. Let this message be listened to by many and to discover Jesus.

I have probably listened to this message about 7 times and still counting It showed me I am not a christian to go to heaven I am a chritian to bring glory to GOD and he saved me not because i deserved it he saved me because it was the only way GOG could get glory and he saved me because of his great name.

 I couldnt sleep the night i heard the Revival Hymm..... 
Such preaching by these great men of God is what is needed in todays Churches. May the hymm move you to tears and shivers the way it moved me. WAKE UP YOU SLEEPING CHRISTIANS!! I do believe there is a video out there also recommended.

 There is quite a lesson here 
The preaching is great, but there is a lesson for our age that goes even beyond the preaching. Notice the messages that warn about compromise with the world and the remembrances of how God moved among men in the past. We hear the longing words, "Oh! That we might see it!" Immediately after comes music that sounds like somebody trying out for American Idol! It was not pure and certainly wasn't lovely. Beloved, this is our problem.

 Please Listen 2 this 
What an awe inspiring series of sermons, I shiver as i sit here listening to this, catch hold of this message and the Spirit speaks through these mighty men of God. Catch the fire, catch the passion and catch God's vision for His people, For YOU.

 original sermons 
Is it possible to find out which sermons by these people this sermon was made from? I know the Paris Reidhead is Ten Shekels and a Shirt. I love this combination and think it is amazing. But I would also like to hear them in it's original context. Thank you for anyone who can help me with this. My email is [email protected] Thanks again!

 mblawrence, I respectfully disagree. 
It is the "foolishness of preaching" that brings men to repentance. A sinner must realized he is lost before he can be saved. You say the methods used by these men did not work. But they did. We had revival. It's the pop culture methods of today's church that don't work. And they don't work because the minimize the hopelessness of being without Christ. What should we say, "Because God loved you, he sent his Son to be torchered, humilated, and murdered for your convenience? for your comfort? for your amusement?" God forbiid! We should proclaim with John the Baptist, "Behold the Lamb of God that taketh away the sins of the world." With all due respect, mblawrence, that message is relevant in any era. It is sin we must be saved from. And we can only be saved by confessing our sin, coming to the cross, taking up the life of Christ, so that our lives "are hid with Christ in God." Relevant? Was Jesus interested in being relevant? Jesus was interested in being obedient, "even unt

 Please understand 
This is exactly what the church needs. MBLAWRENCE,brother, the church has never been called to be relevent to contemporary society. The church is called to be holy as Christ is holy, and the Holy Spirit empowers us to be that.When in Scrpture are we called to go where sinners are? When we are called, like Jonah, with a message of repentance, and of God's grace for those that repent.How do you save someone from Hell and from slavery to sin if you don't talk about those very things. Yes, the love of God brings us to repentance. The may take the form of the tough love He showed to Ninevah, and the mercy He showed them when they repented.The Bible does not show us that as time passes, the unbelievers will increasingly flock to the church. In fact, the opposite is true. You say the message did not work back then, but I ask you what happened during The Great Awakenings? Have you studied these events? What messages were used during these times? As you say, who is to blame, the dark for be

 Father, forgive us 
A powerful and timely reminder of who and what we are, and of why we exist. Listen and weep for clearly we must recalibrate, regroup and look afresh upon the enormity of the task before us.

This is an incredible collection of snip-its of various sermons from some of the greats. Ravenhill and Campbell are absolutely wonderful in this. It's rich!!! May the church hear it and wake up from its slumber.

Whoever edited the hymn does not seem to get it. I agree with joh9356. Except for the rock disturbance it is an exceptional work. Hue.

 The Revival Hymn 
One of my mentors brought the video version of this sermon to my security shed at the bottom of the drive of a christian community owned builders merchants. We watched the words of the sermons,and heard them being spoken with so much passion. We stood in my little shed for the entire time, held by the power of the message it brought. I had tears welling up. I was fired up. Inspired once again to die to self. Moved so much that when I took our little household meeting that night, it was like nothing I had done before. Released to bring a no compromise, un-user friendly gospel with love and passion and focus for the first time, without fear. Not sure if what I said changed people, but that video changed me. Praise God.

 Wonderful conviction 
This compilation is, I think, the best I have ever heard. It is a call to a higher standard with some eye opening preaching and inspiring background music. Highly reccomend this.

 Revival hymn 
This is deeply stirring and left me feeling broken yet restored, perhaps revived, I don't know yet. Thank you for this amazing site with such access to the deep things of God which I must commuicate for His eternal glory. pastorkenn

 great work! 
I dont understand the nay-sayers. Listen with an open heart and God WILL speak to you, change you, stir you. Nothing is perfect, everyone can see the heart behind this guy and the fact that God looks on the heart ought to weigh heavily on the listner. The music stirs the emotions yes, is that a sin? The Word of God stirs my emotions. Worship stirs my emotions. God Himself stirs my fact HE invented emotions. Or as someone once put it in regards loud music in Church: "It's true God's not deaf...but He's not nervous either"

 We need Revival!!! 
Anyone who could speak against this wonderful work has obviously never experienced the message that it brings. These men dedicated their lives to see others enter into and mature in their lives with Christ. I suppose that the apostle Peter may have been old-fashioned and a fear monger also when on the Day of Pentecost he stood and declared, "This same Jesus that you killed is now alive". There immediate response was "Tell us what we must do to be saved". Three thousand was added to the church on that day. We have become soft in our message so not to offend. We preach an intellectual gospel and expect an intellectual response. Let no one become a Christian extremist that has a compassion for the lost, challenges people in their sins, and are willing to sacrifice everything to see one enter the kingdom. Lord, help me for I am undone, because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people with unclean lips. I have listened to this compilation many times

 Great music, messages promotes fear 
It is the love of God that brings men's hearts to repentance, not eloquent speeches about sin consciousness. We as a body need to realize that people who are not believers do not need to be told that they are in sin. They already know that they are in need of a savior. However, some members of the Church feel like it is their responsibility to point out their inadequacies. This, in turn, pushes unbelievers further away from the Gospel. Obviously these men were great men of God. However, the methods used back then did not work and they will not work today. If the Church wants to really become relevant in today's culture, and truly be a light in the darkness, we need to be like Jesus and go to where the sinners are instead of expecting the sinners to come to where we are. Who is to blame, the dark for being dark, or the light for not shining?

 Hebrews 7:26 
How rich the preaching selections - how excellent the motive! Yet in the midst of the glory provision was given to the flesh. God's Word doesn't need man's artificial emotionalism. As Tozer was fond of saying, "the church is entertaining itself to death." It is not the emotional experience of revival we must seek - otherwise we seek the Nirvana of emotional gratification and use any methods to achieve it - even the soul-gutting music of the world found in the middle of this otherwise wonderful compilation. It is Christ we seek, not revival! When we have Christ, we have revival! Christ, in Hebrews 7:26, is holy, harmless, and undefiled. He doesn't need the "noise of war in the camp." I challenge the well-intentioned author of this compilation to reproduce it without the movie soundtracks and Christian pop that are symbols of the flesh-dependence and emotional gratification of the modern contemporary church movement so devoid of the real presence of the Holy One of I

 On and On 
Ow how many times i can listen to it and be stirred. It's so amazing how much Power there is in these short parts of sermons. A great hymn stiring and confronting and so true...Oh Lord revive our heart that we may know Thee, The One True Living God!

Get somewhere you can cry, and push play. I'm going to make copies for everyone in our evangelism meeting tonight. Have a hanky ready. VERY POWERFUL. VERY POWERFUL.

This is a brilliant compilation of some of the best classic preachers. To all those elderly people who respect the word but not the music, may you find yourself discovering the intent of the music and not let it to detract from the infectious message being spoke. The intent is assumingly to emotionally charge the messages, and that it did.

 Awesome Preaching, Mixed messages from music 
I recently heard "Revival Hymn" for the first time and it had a great impact on me! The preaching was awesome and the quotes from these great men were chosen and arranged very well! Although I had been warned about the music, I was quite shocked to hear that kind of music in the midst of this great preaching! The music did not mix with the message at all! I cannot imagine that any of these preachers would appreciate being associated with that type of music.

 Wonderful speaking....shocking music 
This compilation of sermons by such great preachers is a very effective tool describing the hedonism in todays society. Yet, I was SHOCKED at the very thing these great men preaching against was instituted in the middle of the sermon! It is a sad state of todays society that heeds this filthy rock music in the guise of Christianity! The very thing that these sermons preach against is used to promote those sermons. Matthew 6:24 "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon." I deleted the rock music out of the middle of it, and it made a world of difference!

This is a great work. Extremely insightful. I am so thankful for having had the opportunity to listen to this piece. I am going to start applying this message to my walk immediately. This piece convicted me.

Yesterday i watched Leonard RavenHill's video and have been so broken, Looking at my life and how worldly i am. How little time i spend in prayer study and worship. The conviction is great and now i hear this awesome audio... Powerful Powerful Powerful wow.. May God forgive me for my slothfulness . May i grasp the reality of Jesus as these Great men of God did.

The "Revival Hymn" grips my soul, and ignites a fire within me. Diane

 Amazing Motivator 
When you know that you're dead in your walk, this hymn is an amazing motivator. Asking not to challenge you, but change you, this is some of the most amazing people of our time sharing God in an un-ignorable way.

 startling wake up call 
what a tremendous challenge to all who think they are dwelling in the light - things we ALL need to return to time and time again, least we find ourselves being defiled by the things of this world - life shaking each time to listen

 Makes me itch for revival! 
I keep asking God after listening to this, how come all these guys got to see revival and NOT ME??? I must see God do something big.

this is an amzing thing. all amazing men of God.

Oh how much more i want to wake up, for i am in the bedroom of sleepy Christians. may the fire of Gods judgement be delivered unto my life.

 Life Changing 
While I was listening to this I was so moved by the zealous character of these men of God that want the church to wake up and live for God with everything that we have. It caused me to look at myself and see if I am following God with my all.

 Revival Hymn 
I've been listening to The Revival Hymn and I can't get enough of it right now.

This recording since I heard it the first time has radically changed my life. I have listened to it over 50 times and will continue to do so. Its amazing how it lifts you to thing on eternity and heavenly realities.. it will give you a genuine burden of revival. Listen to it and share it with friends.

 The Revival Hymn 
Thus audio has changed both my husband and myself and we will never be the same and neither can we be. We are now more accountable to the truth that was taught here. God bless you for making these truths available, Judy

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