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 Extreme Prayer (High Quality) by David Smithers

Scripture(s): Hebrews 12:3-4  
Description: David Smithers, a prolific author on men and women of prayer, calls out for prayer that contains sacrifice. "Surround yourselves with courageous,daring--yes, even extreme--examples of faith," he exhorts, "and they will nurture [in you] an extreme Christianity." Smithers cites fervent intercessors whose prayer exemplified "the outermost edge", such as Jesus, Moses, Paul, David Brainerd, Daniel Nash and numerous others to "teach us to be violent in believing." NOTE: Extreme Prayer (High Quality) is the complete sermon which comprises "Extreme Prayer - Part 1" and "Extreme Prayer - Part 2".
Sermon Comments (1)

 Wow - convicting!! 
This is a red-hot sermon right from the heart of God! I don't think anyone who has a passion for Christ would be unaffected by the challenge presented in here to push the edge in our prayer lives. David Smithers is a Word centered teacher and is a student of church history, having written a lot of great articles on men and women of prayer:

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